Maximum impact, minimum resources

The impact of IT equipment on the climate must be minimized and more products must be reused instead of being sent for recycling. For over 28 years, Inrego has globally led the way to increase the reuse of IT products. We are a global market leader within ITAD with 150 employees. We deliver and buy from more than 90 countries and together with our partners we continue to make a difference all around the globe.

A Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher

Since Inrego is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR), we can pre-install Microsoft software on the computers and laptops you buy from us. We have three different licenses from which you pick depending on your requirements.

Our Grading System

All products have undergone our detailed testing and reconditioning program. During this process every unit is labeled with a certain grade to ensure you get the products you expect.