Inregos hav av datorer som ska eller har återbrukats.

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We sell IT to wholesale customers all around the globe. We offer quality IT products and an experienced single point of contact to help you.

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With over 25.000 products sold/month we offer a wide selection of rigorously tested, wiped, and graded IT products available for delivery. Our inventory includes computers, mobile devices, monitors, servers, and other essential IT equipment from top-tier manufacturers. 

A Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher

Since Inrego is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR), we can pre-install Microsoft software on the computers and laptops you buy from us. We have three different licenses from which you pick depending on your requirements.

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The Inrego sales team are skilled experts in ITAD, safety and logistics, and we are here to make your business as smooth as possible. Working out of our head office in Sweden, our team speak over 9 languages. We always offer a single point of contact to handle your business in the best possible way, long-term. 


Our grading system

All products have undergone our detailed testing. During this process every unit is labeled with a certain grade to ensure you get the products you expect.

Global presence

Inrego’s clients and partners are all over the globe. We only sell to companies that handle electronic waste according to E.U. legislations and regulations. We never sell to countries known as e-waste hotspots or that come under trade embargos. This means we take responsibility for our products and make sure they don’t become e-waste.

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